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A Centre for gentle character formation
Thaddeus-dham,(Seat of St.Thaddeus) a Home for the Children, is run by the Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales (OSFS), an international religious congregation.  This centre is registered under the Karnataka Samarpana Educational Society, (KSES) which is a Voluntary Charitable Organization formed and registered by the OSFS Fathers in 1994 (Register Number 524/94-95) for Community development in India.  The project “Home for the Children” - Home away from Home aims at improving the educational standards of the needy children from low income families from various remote villages of India.  This centre will provide residential and educational facilities like Computer centre, library, tuition, sports and recreation centre to the less fortunate and needy students.

This Centre with residential and educational facilities is a need to extend affordable educational facilities to children from various remote and under developed areas of India.

The primary goal of this centre is to bring more people into the main socio-economic stream, promoting equitable access to resources and opportunities expanding educational opportunities.  All these can be achieved through partnership with needy children and co-operation with generous hearts.  Karnataka Samarpana Educational Society is actively involved in community development process, since its inception of function as a registered Charitable Society.

Idukki District is mainly a mountain area, and it is one of the border Districts of Kerala neighbouring to Tamil Nadu state.  As a rule, this district is predominated by low-income fetching families.  They live at the subsistence level doing traditional jobs, agriculture and many cannot afford costly educational facilities.

By providing opportunities for quality educational facilities to children from the low income-fetching families, the living standards and employment opportunities is sure to improve the socio economic status in future.


The Centre will contribute to the goal of socio-economic empowerment of poor children especially from poor families of various remote villages of India.

Specific Objectives

  • To provide residential and educational facilities for children from remote villages of India.
  • To enhance and sustain the participation of rural communities in rural development by providing them affordable common facilities.
  • To enhance and sustain the socio economic status of the children from rural poor families.

The Centre is being developed in an Agro-friendly place with a beautiful land scape.  It is 14 Kilometres away from Thodupuzha, the nearest town.  The building is under construction and it has two-floors, which will provide the children an opportunity to live harmoniously and joyfully.  They will be assisted by the staff for the improvement of their education and other areas of creativity.

The educational facilities will lead to the socio-economic empowerment of the low-income rural community in India.  It will motivate them to have better family and social-life.  Better educational status would provide employments and the earning makes them self-reliant.  It will also contribute to achieving the goals of Community development.  This centre will ensure the children equal human rights and help them to integrate them and their families into the community.

  • Improved educational status and well-being among poor communities.
  • More self-esteem and self-confidence among rural poor children.
  • Enhanced quality of life and happy family homes.
  • Increased earnings and savings leading to enhanced well-being.
  • Improved living status and condition.
  • Enhanced access to affordable educational facilities.
  • Path to career-development of the rural poor children.
  • Assist youth in understanding the elements of education and its importance
  • Mobilisation of actions to uplift the educational facilities of a deprived group.
  • Satisfaction to resolve long-term problems of an isolated society.

The Director
Koduvely – 685581
Idukki Dist. Kerala


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